What to expect

I completely understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera. I will admit that I am not either, hence why I am always behind it. This section will hopefully give you a little insight into how I run my sessions and get you comfortable with my shooting style. 

children portrait family session at the east side of oahu hawaii near makapu'u beach

The Small Kids

As a mother, I know that my children can be shy around new people. I always respect a child's personal space and work on getting them to open up to me. You may see me stop everything and just talk to them on their level. If they are old enough I will ask them questions such as their name, age and interests (this is where the questionnaire really helps me). Kids usually love when an adult takes an interest into the same things they love! While I cannot guarantee that a child will be smiling in all of the photos, I will do my best to make sure they have a great experience and are happy!


The Big Kids

For children that are much older, I ask for a bit of space while I am taking their photos. My goal is to capture photos of their personality and who they are. Often times children will put on an act in front of their parents so allowing us some space without the parents asking them to smile really makes a huge difference. Now, when I say "space" I really only mean a few feet. Please be sure to always keep your children and me within view. 


The Really Big Kids (aka adults)

I get it, some adults hate getting their images taken. If you know your spouse or yourself have a hard time loosening up during sessions, I always recommend unwinding with anything that may help you relax a bit more.

Get to know me

I usually talk a ton during my sessions. I want you to relax and forget that I have this huge camera in your face. I may also be very quiet at times which will allow your family some time to take a breather and get ready for the next little set of images or even allow me to get more candid images. Please allow me to keep your child's focus on me, rather than being firm with them. I have a few tricks to try and get the kids to forget the camera is there which allows me to capture more natural expressions and smiles from them. I want you all to enjoy your experience during my session as well as fall in love with the images that I capture.