How do I Run My sessions?

To be quite honest, I talk... a lot. My goal is to make you forget that I am standing there with this huge camera in my hand. I want you to talk back, smile, laugh, relax! My maternity poses are more posed. If there is any pose that I put you in or ask you to do that you do not feel comfortable doing, please let me know!

Beautiful pregnant momma in blue gown standing under the archway in kawela bay on oahu hawaii


Safety is very important to me during your session. I do not take any maternity mommas on hikes or anywhere where there is a high chance of slipping. Please be aware that if a certain spot I state I do not recommend, I mean it. There are tons of beautiful places here on Oahu and I am sure that I can find a spot where we can have just a good a view but safer. 


If there are children in your session, I will take the full family photos as well as the individual shots of the kiddos. My main focus will be you, the pregnant mother. This amazing body that you are sporting is absolutely perfect in every which way and I want you to see that in your images. I remember feeling like a huge cow in my last two months of pregnancy, yet I look back at them now and I miss them! I want you to feel that same emotion.