What to expect

I completely understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera. I will admit that I am not either, hence why I am always behind it. This section will hopefully give you a little insight into how I run my sessions and get you comfortable with my shooting style. 

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Get to know me

I usually talk a ton during my sessions. I want you to relax and forget that I have this huge camera in your face. I may also be very quiet at times which will allow you some time to take a breather and get ready for the next little set of images or even allow me to get more candid images. Please keep your  focus on me, unless I state otherwise.  I want you all to enjoy your experience during my session as well as fall in love with the images that I capture. I want you to be happy to share your images with not only your family but also your friends. 

Just relax!

The last thing I want you to do is walk away from my session thinking that every single image that was taken was terrible. I will diligently work with you to make you feel as comfortable as possible and bring out who you really are in your photos. I want you to relax during my session. Yes, I am there with this huge camera in your face but I promise the more relaxed you and the more carefree you are, the better your images will be. 



This is huge for me. If you do not feel comfortable doing something, tell me! I promise I will take no offense and will quickly change the session around and keep moving. I do not want you to be uncomfortable. I am a judgement free zone! If you are stressed that day, talk about it! Let's hear a big yell! Go in the water and splash around! Let's work around how you are feeling to make it enjoyable.


I get it...

I get it, some of us hate getting their photos taken. If there are certain angles you do not like or if you hate the way your hair gets in your eyes etc, lets address it to avoid it in our images.

family cousins photoshoot KM Ivelisse photography taken near kaena point on the North shore of Oahu Hawaii