KM Ivelisse Photography is located on Oahu, Hawaii. Being a Oahu Family Photographer, I strive to capture fairy tale images that portray your family's personality. I take your posed and lifestyle portraits and add an element of fantasy that makes each and every single one of my photography sessions different from the next. I specialize in family photography and all of the unscripted moments that come with it. 


 This photo of Phoenix Sipin also known as the owner of KM Ivelisse Photography was taken on Oahu Hawaii on the Lulumahu hike by another fellow photographer


pronounced: FEE-niks

From the name of a beautiful bird which appears in Egyptian and Greek mythology. After living for several centuries in the Arabian Desert, it would be consumed by fire and rise from its own ashes, with this cycle repeating every 500 years. The name was derived from the Greece, and means “dark red”