Ask away!

Q: How far in advance do I need to book a session?

A: I recommend booking as soon as possible. I am typically booked two to three months in advance.


Q: What are your prices?

A: My pricing varies depending on the session type. There are sessions that are custom quoted depending on your needs such as cake smash sessions, portrait sessions, commercial photography, and senior sessions. Please check my pricing link here and if you cannot find your session type, message me and I will be happy to give you a quote.


Q: How long do you take to edit the images I choose?

A: Once you choose your images from the proofing gallery, your gallery will be done and ready to download in three to four weeks.


Q: Do I choose the images I want or do you?

A: It is important to me that you choose your images. What I may absolutely love, you may not. To make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your images, I send you a proofing gallery from which you will choose from. 


Q: Do I get to keep the images that are not edited?

A: I do not release unedited images. If there are extra images that you would like, they are available for purchase. I do offer proofing galleries, please inquire for more information.


Q: How long do your sessions last?

A: Most of my sessions are one hour long, if you are looking for a session that lasts longer than an hour please message me to get an accurate price.



Q: What should I wear?

A: This answer is really up to your family. Absolute no-no clothing is anything neon bright, a ton of little tiny stripes, and anything too tight or too loose that you are not comfortable in. 


Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: All of my pricing are based on my costs that I have to run my business. I keep my pricing as affordable as possible for everyone to benefit from. I do not give additional discounts and I do not price match other photographers. 


Q: Do you have bundle pricing?

A: Yes! If you book two or more sessions with me AND pay the 50% non-refundable retainer, you receive an exclusive rate as a thank you for trusting me more than once for your sessions. 


Q: I am really awkward in front of the camera or I have never had professional photos taken, will this be an issue?

A: This is not an issue at all. I do not work with professional models that have learned posing. I work with real people, real families and real children that run.. fast. During my session I try my best to get everyone to relax and have fun! 


Q: What is your policy on reschedules?

A: If you contact me with more than 7 days notice from your session, we can quickly choose another date. There is a grace period of 5 days in which a new date must be chosen or the non-refundable retainer is lost and cannot be used for the next date. Date must be within the next three months. If there is less than a 7 day notice, there will be a $75 surcharge to your invoice to switch the dates. 


Q: What happens if I come late to my session?

A: I usually can get a great variety of images in a short amount of time. If you do happen to be late to your session, that time will be deducted from your session time. 


Q: Can I edit the images that you have edited?

A: I ask that my images do not be altered by any form for any reason. Please be sure to look through my galleries before booking a session. My editing style is unique to me and if it is not a style you prefer, I will be happy to send you recommendations for other photographers that can work with you instead. 


Q: Can I use the images I purchased for my business?

A: No. My gallery comes with a print release that only allows the images to be displayed and printed for personal use. Any commercial use without purchasing my commercial print release will be subject to an internet Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take down, as well as recovery of any attorney fees associated with the take down. 


Q: Do you do wedding photography?

A: I do not do full wedding photography but I do elopements that are less than three hours long. Please inquire with me for pricing.


Q: Do you choose the location?

A: Once booked we will both come to an agreement on the location site. Please note some locations may need extra permits which will be added to your invoice.