How my clients story changed my marriage

My clients session impacted my life...

It is safe to say that all relationships have their ups and their downs. You cannot expect to live a life with another human being without bumping heads here and there. I will admit that my marriage is not perfect and yes, we bump heads... or we used to.

Maternity memorial session stephanie jackson KM Ivelisse Photography

I am blessed to have met Stephanie Jackson and know her story. She contacted me in January 2018 and told me how she lost her husband on December 14, 2017 right before they would find out the sex of their unborn baby. Stuart Jackson lost his life in a tragic accident that changed the way I view my relationship with my husband. During our maternity session she was so strong and talked about how he would make jokes and most likely try to sporadically grab her butt... if he were there. Immediately after her session I began to edit the images. Adding her late husband, Stuart, into the images was one of the hardest things I had to do in my life so far. I cried through all of them. The emotions that came over me were along the lines of, "what if this was my husband?" My husband was away at training while I was editing so I know that factored into my heightened emotions . I quickly looked through my phone to see how many images I have of us together to see his face... none. I had so many pictures of the man I love embracing his children, but none with me in them. I am always so worried about my husband getting hurt during a deployment or training accidents, I never realized that he can get hurt right in our own backyard. You see, I learned that Stuart did not pass due to a deployment, war, terrorists, training etc. It had nothing to do with being a military member. Stuart was riding his motorcycle when he had his tragic accident. 

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maternity photography session pregnant when my husband died in Oahu hawaii
wife loses husband in motorcycle accident leaving her to grief alone and pregnant

A motorcycle... being a military spouse, having my husband drive down the road and getting hurt was not a scenario that I had really thought about. Life is so short and so precious and here I was bickering with my husband because he left a sock on the floor. Yes, I was that wife. Was. After this session, him leaving his worn down, red-dirt covered boots do not seem to bother me anymore. His stinky and sweaty physical training (PT) clothes and socks do not smell as bad to me now. These things no longer matter to me the way that they used to matter before. Every single time that I see an item out of place because my husband forgot after his long day of work, I put it where it belongs. You see, one day he may not be here. One day those boots will always be where he left them last, his clothes will lose his scent and his smile will not be there to brighten my day ever again. I am learning to cherish these little moments that I used to think were inconveniences. These small scenarios around my house that tell me that I am fortunate enough to still have him here. Because of my client, I learned to cherish my husband. 

Do not take life for granted guys. Make those memories together! Take a million selfies or pay a professional. Document your life with video and with your friends and family. Do not wait until a tragedy occurs to regret not taking that vacation or going to that fancy restaurant. That is how I choose to live my life now. No regrets, just happiness. Together.

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tragic death of a soldier on oahu hawaii leaves his children and pregnant wife behind