Learn a Little about me



My name is Phoenix and I am a fun and bubbly family and couples photographer currently located on Oahu, Hawaii. I love to work with families and couples who enjoy laughing at each other and value their time together. I strive to help you hit that pause button in your busy life so you can tell your families story for generations to come. My clients and I build a lifelong relationship as their family dynamic grows and changes through the years. 

My first time picking up a professional grade camera was in 2006 and ever since then I have been hooked! These past few years I was a freelance editor for other photographers and have made them and their clients very happy. I have recently decided it was time I stopped hiding behind the scenes and took on families and couples of my own. What am I doing when I am not photographing clients? I am probably at home singing "daddy finger daddy finger where are you" with my three and one year old daughters. Seriously though, who came up with that song?